Stereoping is a German company founded in 2013, that develops innovative musical devices.

Their main concentration are MIDI controllers and analogue/hybrid drums & synthesizers.

Just arrived in North America, the Stereoping Synth Controller offers 16 knobs and 3 buttons to quickly tweak the sound of your favourite vintage music synthesizer in a comfortable way. Right at the moment you dial a knob, it sends the appropriate message in MIDI – SysEx-format over the MIDI cable into your synth, changing it’s sound immediately.

Stereoping Synth Controller

Contrôleur Stereoping

The Stereoping Synth Controller is available in editions for the following synthesizers :

  • ‘ProVessorS’ for SCI Prophet VS  NEW
  • ‘ESQ8’ for Ensoniq ESQ/SQ80    NEW
  • ‘Microwave’ for Waldorf Microwave 1 (Software V 2.0)
  • ‘1016r’ for Oberheim Matrix 1000 / 6 / 6r
  • ‘AlphaJ’ for Roland Alpha Juno 1/2, MKS-50
  • ‘8P’ for Roland JX-8P
  • ‘8000’ for Korg DW-8000 / EX-8000
  • ‘K3’ for Kawai K3 / K3m
  • ’81Z’ for Yamaha TX-81Z
  • ‘K1’ for Kawai K1
  • ‘Mirco’ for Alesis Micron / Akai Miniak
  • ‘Microwave 2’ for Waldorf Microwave II
  • ‘Qfeld’ for Waldorf Blofeld / microQ / Q
  • ‘Puls’ for Waldorf Pulse 1
  • ‘Revolver’ for DSI Evolver
  • ‘Spectral’ for Peavey Spectrum Synth
  • ‘Tubbutec Juno66’
  • ‘Tubbutec SH1oh1’
  • ‘Six Tweak’ for SCI Six Trak