Mutable Instruments

Émilie Gillet is responsible for Mutable Instruments’ product design and hardware/software engineering.

She earned in 2003 a M.Eng. from the ENST, one of France’s leading tech institute, and the same year a M.Sc. in artificial intelligence from University Pierre et Marie Curie. In 2007 she earned a Ph.D. in signal processing, after having developed and improved techniques to extract, transcribe, and recognize drum patterns from music recordings – some of which having recently begun to appear in DAWs.

Some of his earlier audio related projects include granulèse, a BeOS granular synthesis tool; Bhajis Loops, the first PalmOS DAW; and several module players/game audio engines for the Palm platform.

Hannes Pasqualini and his wife Elisabeth, from Italy, are responsible for Mutable Instruments’ visual identity – be it a faceplate, manual or logo.

There are pommiers in the prairie: our modules are made in Normandy.

If your module, system or cables were wrapped in/with something handmade, soft and colourful, it came from here.

You can find in our shop the realtime granular effect module Clouds, the modal filter bank and comb-filtered based resonator Rings and the envelope generator, LFO, multifonctions module Peaks.