Folktek is an artist collaborative formed by Arius Blaze and Ben Houston and coming to include the video and digital works of Drew Mcyntire (Big Pauper, Token Recluse Records). Folktek is folks, specifically artists working with a passion for sound as the basis for the work presented here.

The team works with all arts and consider themselves a part of a relatively underground movement of a second renaissance. They write books, bind books, work with wood, DJ, metalsmith, paint, sew, make lamps, music, ping pong paddles, boxes, digital instruments, film works, photography, sound art installations, masks and naturally dance. Folktek is not a major company and they are generally opposed to major corporation. These works are made by hands and with their minds and incorporate years of study.

Folktek have created a very vast collection of creative instruments.

Here we are proposing their first modules, that will in the end form an entire Eurorack system.

Conduit is a delay, filter, and 9 point harmonic oscillation module which creates three independent signal paths that can be inter-mixed how you like.

Matter is drum wave synthesis. While it could simply be called a drum synthesizer, the method of play is designed equally as much to make the all-analog drum-based synthesis playable as waves as it is to make triggerable drum sounds.