Blue Lantern Modules

Blue Lantern Modules is a small company based in Phoenix, Arizona. The company manufactures a vast variety of handmade Eurorack format modules. Having started in electronics as a hobby, Blue Lantern is dedicated since 2009 full time in the manufacture of many diverses modules. The company takes its material, makes its assembly and distribution entirely in the United States.

Blue Lantern offers a big choice of surprising modules. The company is well known for its analog filters, such as the versatile Asteroid Operator or the smaller but equally powerful diode filter Steiner 10 6hp VCF. Favorites, there are also the  Lunar Modulation Center VCO station, inspiration “Buchla” and the Sir Mix a Lot 6 channels mixer! Blue Lantern also produced a collection of inexpensive and compact modules, the Simple Dual NJM-VCA, the FM Mini Joystick, the 4hp Subharmonics Generator and the new Barton CV Arpeggiator. In short, you’ll find something for everyone!