In the late eighties & early nineties Herman Gillis was a guitar player & a producer in the Belgian music scene. The first Filterbanks that were marketed in 1996 were hand-built, and only 40 pieces were made. These prototypes did not have MIDI. After a lot of people asked for more Filterbanks, Herman decided to update the prototype model of the Filterbank with MIDI and at that time, he added even more features to the box. This is how he came to the one and only MIDI Sherman Filterbank. In 1997, about 500 Sherman Filterbanks were sold, merely in the United Kingdom (London), Belgium, Japan and the Netherlands.

Now, Gillis returns with The Sherman Filterbank V2. This new expended monster is still the most powerful analog filtering and distortion unit with its huge frequency range and its killing tube overdrive behavior. The Filterbank is good for processing every sound source, effect mixing, expanding modular systems, etc.

A list of known artists who used the Sherman Filters is available on the Sherman’s site and it’s just incredible!