Erica Synths

Erica Synths is a team of creative visionaries, musicians and engineers that develop unique and innovative musical instruments that make the difference in terms of build quality, design and use. Their Black Series is known for its simple and effective design, and for its biting tone. For the DIY community, Erica Synths also provides kits that contain rare and exotic electronic parts that were used in Soviet synthesizers or in military technologies.

Erica Synths is a company that offers several ranges of impactful products ! Their Fusion series included a vacuum tube in the middle of each of its modules, which gives them a unique warmth. The Black Series is designed in order to provide modules which, once assembled, can form a complete synthesizer. This series include among others the inevitable Polivoks filter and two wave generators. Erica Synths also developed a touch mixer inspired by the famous EMS Synthi. In addition to their Eurorack modules, Erica Synths has also developed an analog filter unit, the Acidbox II.