Analogue Solutions

Analogue Solutions is a British company founded in 1995, which develops extremely powerful and versatile instruments.

This reputable company offers instruments that leave nothing aside regarding the manufacturing quality and loudness. Their synthesizers are made in order to generate tones reminiscent of the 70s.  The company manufactures  100% analog handmade synthesizers, but also Eurorack modules,  MIDI to CV converters, drum machines and sequencers. Their products are designed by musicians and no detail is left out. Analogue Solutions manufactures synthesizers that borrow the versatile world of modular and offers musicians the infinite possibilities of sound creation and manipulation. There are a company defined by quality.

  • Telemark

  • Oberkorn

  • Leipzig-S

  • Nyborg-24

  • Nyborg-12

Analogue Solutions offers very diversified instruments. Among the most popular, we found the fabulous range of semi-modular synthesizer, like the beautiful Telemark. Two compact models but extremely powerful; the Nyborg 12 and Nyborg 24. We must also consider the incredible Leipzig-S and its integrated sequencer and the polyvalent analog sequencer Oberkorn.